Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship?

Yes, We ship Nationwide! From our experience it is less expensive to ship to a bonafide business with a loading ramp/dock and forklift (local feed-store, etc.) versus shipping to a residential address.  Contact Anthony for a shipping quote (936) 293-0799.


What type of electricity will a Texas Tornado Walker or Pro-Track Treadmill require?

To ensure safety, adequate protection and longevity of all equipment, make sure electrical outlets are installed by a Certified Electrician.

  1. Single Speed Reversible walkers require 110volt service with a 15amp breaker.
  2. Variable Speed Reversible walkers require 110volt service with a 25amp breaker.
  3. Pro-Track Treadmills require 220volt service with a 30amp breaker.


How many lambs/goats can walk on a Texas Tornado Walker?

Texas Tornado walkers are built using the highest quality components and a 1hp motor to accommodate up to 8 stubborn lambs/goats. We recommend exercising lambs/goats in pairs placing them directly across from each other on the Texas Tornado Walker.


How fast does the Texas Tornado Walker go ?

We designed the Texas Tornado Walker with the showman in mind. Our single speed model walks at approximately 1.5mph, which is roughly the same speed a showman would walk their lamb/goat in the ring.  Our variable speed model is adjustable from 0-3mph (slight trot) which can be useful when trying to condition an animal.


What types of payments are accepted?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards (convenience fee additional).